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Dienstag, 12. Januar 2016


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Casimir Milosh
Well now... tonight is special, you know...
Quazar and I just talked with Zorra this afternoon.
Remember, the last word from Zorra was that Prime Creator had given an ultimatum... to the US, Iraq, and China... to come together into an agreement and release the RV by this weekend or.... answer to Ashtar.
They were given until the end of the weekend. And here we are... Sunday night.
When we talked this afternoon - Zorra said they were "bending."
Prime Creator does not want to wait any longer - Prime Creator wants Gaia to ascend, as well as her surface children, and return to full consciousness.
So... here is where we are: Zorra and Prime Creator have been pushing very hard... through today, Sunday. The Beings responsible for this holdup have been given until midnight Hawaii Time,tonight - Sunday, January 10th to move forward with the RV.
And if they don't?
Ashtar's fleets will decloak above these countries.
And if they still refuse?
The Beings causing these delays will be physically removed from their positions... go to sleep on one planet and wake up on another... and be replaced by Federation personnel.
This is not what Prime Creator would prefer. Prime Creator would like them to think it is their own idea... through dreams at night and that still small voice during the day.
Nevertheless, we must move forward because Gaia must evolve. Prime Creator wants Gaia to ascend and her children to ascend into full consciousness.
And so we shall see, on Monday.
Now... what better source of information can we ask for, than direct from Zorra and Prime Creator?
However... for some reason, regardless of this prime information, some people have still allowed themselves to be influenced by unknown "experts" on the Internet. And... heeding the "advice" from this unidentified "Dr Clarke" - Zorra saw that over 100,000 people lost hope and turned in their currency! - They gave up their Blessing! And Zorra said, "Such a travesty!" -- Dear Ones! Why follow unknown sources of deliberate propaganda intended to influence you and your creative energies into accepting, and therefore creating the suggestion of a later RV date?
We came here to learn and to grow! We are in our last stages before Graduation. And what comes before Graduation? -- "Finals!" - Final tests! - Let us take heed of these words, received yesterday, from Ashtar:
Do everything in your power now to drop everything in your life which no longer serves you and work hard at bringing in the changes which most benefit your body, your mind, your emotions, your work, your family and friends. Pay Attention. Put down the fight. Be the Change. We are ever ready to serve you as Angelic Extraterrestrial Beings of Light. Happy New Year! You have never been alone.
And one final comment. As we all know, on Zorra's November 21st call, he confirmed that the Galactics... Sananda and Ashtar, Prime Creator and Zorra would announce Disclosure. (And Lady Nada).
However, there was some confusion as to the statement in Ashtar's written message Saturday, that Obama will be making an announcement...
We talked about that today, and Zorra clarified that, indeed, it will be the Galactics... Sananda/Lady Nada, and Ashtar... Prime Creator and Zorra who will make the Disclosure Announcement. -- And, it will be Obama who will make the NESARA Jubilee Announcement. We are talking about TWO distinct and different Announcements! -- So be at peace - there have been no changes regarding the Disclosure Announcement.
And that brings us up to date on the RV.
Now, one more thing... since many of us are still very 3D linear in our thinking ... if these three countries do not fulfill the RV release by midnight Hawaii Time tonight ... then, Ashtar will be in charge. And we have been given a glimpse of Ashtar's scenario: decloakings ... and if still no compliance ... physical removal to another planet and replacement by a Federation member.
Now, if there is a time lag of a day or two, please - let's not jump on the same old bandwagon and say "See, it isn't happening!" I hope we have outgrown that. Prime Creator is VERY much wanting Gaia to ascend - and us!
Our work is to hold that positive expectation and allow it to happen!
Also, dear, dear Ones. We have heard it direct from Zorra/Father God who said to me today, "Prime Creator and I are working very hard to have this happen today." - That says it all, from the two very Highest Authorities.
So I hope all will apply discernment if someone sends you some negative propaganda to lower your expectations and vibration. Keep your currency! Because of the negative propaganda that some people believed, over Zorra, more than 100,000 returned their currency! "Such a travesty!" - as Zorra said. "They lost their Blessing!"
We are here to learn and to grow... in the hardest "school of hard knocks" in the Universe. - Don't let it beat you! - Go outside and Ground. Hug a tree. Meditate in your HeartMind ... open your Heart to Love ... and send it to one-another globally!
We do our work as One now.

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